About NICE


Welcome to N.I.C.E., the Nexus for Innovation, Collaboration, and Education. We are a personal, professional, and business development team that helps individuals and businesses grow to the next level by utilizing masterminds groups, coaching, and training programs.


Our mission is to help individuals and organizations outperform even their own expectations by leveraging the guidance and coaching from experts and experienced leaders. We work with our clients from start to finish as we provide them not only with the tools they need to be successful but also with added accountability as we work side-by-side with them throughout the entire process of achieving their most important desires.

We also encourage clients to come and work together as a  “team” with other like-minded people, rather than as individuals, in order to help each other succeed. Clients learn a lot from each other’s experiences and perspectives as well from our subject matters experts. We serve the local community by helping to deeply enrich the lives of individuals, local small businesses, as well as nonprofits. All of which ultimately improves our local economy and overall quality of life.

How we do it:

We utilize a concept known as “masterminds” to get our members working together in an environment that provides accountability, teamwork, and several other benefits. Masterminds are designed to enhance personal and professional development with the assistance of a small group of trusted peers. Members meet either monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly and receive effective coaching, peer to peer support, and an opportunity to grow as a cohesive group. Our mastermind programs range from 3 month memberships up to a year and are proven to be one of the most effective resources used to conquer even the most difficult of tasks.


The goal is to help people realize their potentials for success and to help direct their efforts towards the most practical steps for prosperity. Additionally we want to foster a community filled with residents who actively encourage one another to strive for greatness and assist each other along the way. We hope that we will be able to get the community to be more collaborative and supportive toward one another as well as for our locally owned and operated small businesses and nonprofits.