Compassion House

Karaoke Challenge Instructions:

Step 1: Click here for their donation page. Give based on your ability!
>Suggested donation: $1 for singers / $10 for non-singers
–>Note: Please type the word “nice” into the comments box when donating.

Step 2: Choose a song, grab a camera, and record yourself performing!
Let us know who nominated you , mention that you donated already, and keep the movement going by challenging your friends!
Sample script:
“Hi my name is [your name here] & this is the Compassion House Karaoke Challenge. I was challenged by [name of friend] to help spread this message & I’ve already made my donation. I am challenging [name of individuals] to carry on the message.”

Step 3: Post your video to Facebook. Include this link back to this page:
(1) Share your video on NICE NWA’s Facebook page here, or
(2) Share on your own pages. Let us know when you do.

Compassion House logo

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